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Archive for December, 2006


Sorry Huskies, You Guys Really Sucked-Ass

So, Paula and I went down to San Diego last night to watch our Huskies play in the Poinsettia Bowl.


I Got an Electronic Drum Kit for my B-day!

Ion Electronic Drum KitYAY!!! 😛


Yeah… It’s My Birthday…

Happy BirthdayIt was just another day when I woke up this morning until Paula exclaimed, “happy birthday!”


Ballhog is Back… I’m Playing Soccer Again!

Adidas Predator Absolion TRX TurfsFor those of you that have not known me back then, I used to be a huge soccer stud in high school (over-exaggeration noted). I went on to play soccer in college, but my competitive career ended due to an injury.


Movies I Could Watch Over and Over

My friend, Alli, wrote a blog in her MySpace account that inspired me to write this post…

These are movies I could watch again and again without getting sick of them. I have most of them on DVD, but if I happen to catch them on TV I’ll watch them every time… even if they have commercials!


Chick’s Farts Down Plane and Bring on FBI

WOW! What a headline, eh?


Sun Day in California

A few of my best friends from Chicago emailed me on Friday to rub in the fact that they had a snow day.