Daytime Routine

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Daytime Routine

How I operate during the day.

Work Routine

How I work so productively.


The overall picture.

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Daytime Routine

During the week, my daytime routine generally consists of my work routine (outlined below). On Fridays, I tend to end my workday after the morning session. On Saturdays, if I have nothing else going on, I typically put in another morning session of work. My Sundays are generally spent offline and typically based around my soccer commitments.

Work Routine

As an entrepreneur, I wear several hats in terms of work. I pay the bills as a Functional SEO Consultant.

On workdays, upon finishing my morning routine, I will get into my work routine, which is based around the Pomodoro Technique.

I perform deep work for 25 minutes with 5-minute breaks in between. During my breaks, I perform a set of functional movement exercises. After four cycles, I take a barefoot walk outside in the grass.

Walking barefoot in the grass allows me to ground my body to the earth.

Daytime Routine Strategy

I have created an environment for myself to be able to perform my work most effectively. This includes the fastest available computing technology and a nourishing (standing dancing) workspace.

This also requires the elimination of anything that could be a distraction. For example, I:

  • Keep my mobile device on airplane mode
  • Disable all device and app notifications
  • Utilize noise-isolating headphones

In general, I also refrain from checking my email more than twice a day and avoid social media during the week. (Of course, I may need to use social media for work-related tasks. In that case, I do what’s necessary and ignore the general feeds.)

On top of that, I incorporate these modalities to utilize my time most efficiently:

  • Dynamic Attending Theory
  • Pomodoro Technique

In addition, I incorporate these techniques to optimize my brain function, as needed:

  • Electronic Muscle Stimulation
  • Neurofeedback Training
  • Nootropics

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For reasons mostly pertaining to productivity and efficiency, I have my direct contact methods on lockdown.

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I generally check Twitter at least once a day, so it's probably the best way to get my attention if you don't have my contact info.