Morning Routine

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Waking Routine

What I do when I wake up.

Bathroom Routine

What I do after I wake up.

Movement & Mindfulness

What I do after I poop.


The overall picture.

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Waking Routine

I wake up when my body tells me it’s time to wake up (I’m fortunate to not have to wake up to an alarm). This tends to be around the time of the sunrise, which means my wake time shifts throughout the year according to the earth’s position to the sun.

I perform the following practices every single day immediately upon waking:

  • Smiling & gratitude
  • Deep breathing & meditation
  • Power pose-stretch

Bathroom Routine

These are the things I do after I get out of bed:

  • Eliminate waste
  • Check biometrics
  • Log quantified-self data
  • Listen to a TED Talk
  • Brush teeth

My body systems are synced such that I eliminate waste upon waking, like clockwork. This is the primary signal I get from my body to tell me it’s time to wake up.

Movement & Mindfulness Routine

I perform the following practices in one form or another every single day:

  • Qigong body awakening
  • Barefoot walk outside on the earth
  • Body & mind stack
  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Body alignment
  • Yoga

Morning Routine Strategy

My entire morning routine generally takes around 90-120 minutes. Then, my mind and body are prepped for the day and I’m primed to get into high performance work.

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