So, Paula and I went down to San Diego last night to watch our Huskies play in the Poinsettia Bowl.

They got clobbered by the TCU Horned Frogs, 37 – 7.

I really don’t want to talk about it. has a through recap, if your interested.

I will say that I was ready for a great performance from Nicholson, but he didn’t produce like he did at the end of the season last year when Horvath got injured. I thought Nicholson should have gotten more playing time this season, but we missed Horvath more than I thought we would.

We also missed our offensive line. I didn’t hear anything about them not being in last night’s game, but they never showed up.

I’m still going to have to give credit to Garrett Wolfe, though. It doesn’t show in the stats, but what he did without anybody blocking for him was pretty amazing to me. Over the one or two yards that Wolfe managed to gain per carry, he was cutting and breaking through three or four tackles before someone could take him down.

He worked super hard for those yards and when he wasn’t powering through and doing all that he could, he was laying down blocks more than anyone else on the Huskies. Unfortunately, the numbers don’t show that and there was no one else there to supplement his effort.

What got to me most last night happened after the final whistle blew…

I feel that it’s customary for a sports team to acknowledge the fans after the final game of the season, after a big game, or even after every home game… A simple walk by the stands and a few waves to let the fans know that their support is appreciated.

However, while TCU was deservingly celebrating their victory with their fans, the Huskies walked straight into the locker room with no regard.

Sure, you just got your asses kicked… sure, half the fans left during the third quarter when you were down by 30 and haven’t even scored yet… BUT there were a bunch of die-hards who stood by your side all season long and made the trek out to San Diego to support YOU.

At the end of the game, the Huskie fans that were left walked down towards the front of the stands to applaud their team. Some started saying things like, “great season…” and “we’ll get them next year…” but trailed off when they saw only the backs of the Huskies jerseys.

I’m not just speaking for myself here. While, I’m pissed enough for driving 90 miles in traffic each way to be at the game during the work week, I feel for the thousands of fans that made the 2000 mile trek all the way from Illinois.

Sure, we were bummed that you lost the final game of the season, but we were excited that you made it to a bowl game! Sure, there were ups and downs throughout the year, but we stood by and supported you the entire time!

Thanks for letting us know that we were appreciated.