Ion Electronic Drum KitYAY!!! 😛

So, yesterday was my birthday… and I was all about keeping a low profile and treating it as any other day, but Paula wouldn’t have it. When I got home from work, we changed and got ready to head out for dinner with our friends, Kevin and Kristina…

As I went to get in Paula’s car, I noticed a big box in the backseat and two envelopes. Upon closer inspection I realized it was the Ion iED01 Electronic Drum Kit that I’ve had my eye on for the past year!

I couldn’t even believe it! Over the weekend, Paula had me fooled into thinking that she was going to get me a new desk or two new monitors for my home office. She knew I was anal about my office equipment, so it was convincing of her to ask me which models I preferred… etc.

So I was completely surprised when I found the drum kit… It was what I’ve wanted most since last year! We’ve talked about it before, and I knew Paula had reservations about it because of the amount of space it would take up, so I had no idea it was even an option!

I can’t wait to put it together and play with it! I’ve tested it out in the store a few times and I was surprised at the quality of the machine, considering the price. The pads are extremely responsive and the sound is comparable to much more expensive equipment.

I’ll be buying the Drum Pad Extension Kit, so that I can setup a full rack… snare, high hat, bass, three toms, crash, and ride…

Unfortunately, I probably won’t get to mess around with it until Thursday night because I have my first soccer game tonight…

The two envelopes contained birthday cards. One from Paula, the other from Stryker and Beckham… both, well-written and heartfelt. 🙂

The rest of the my birthday night was perfect. We went over to the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney where we met up with Kevin and Kristina, who gave me a gift card to Best Buy (to go towards my plasma TV :)) and a Boondock Saints DVD that I loaned to them over two years ago!

There was someone playing live jazz on the piano… I had the Pasta Jambalaya, and it was very tasty! We all got a good buzz going and Paula surprised me again when then pianist played a happy birthday song for me and the waiter gave me a fruit bowl with a candle in the middle… lol :P. Apparently, Paula told him that I’m not the desert-type, so he was excited to bring out a nice fruit dish.

We capped off the night with a few more drinks at Uva Bar – a really cool outdoor bar right in the middle of Downtown Disney.

Anyway, it all made for a great night! Thank you so much to Paula, Kevin, and Kristina for making it special!

You can bet that I’ll be spending most of my weekend on the drum throne!