I may be a bit of a podcast junkie. I listen to 15-20+ hours of podcasts per week.

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All the podcasts I listen to:

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This playlist includes podcasts that I may play in the background, zone out to, or relax with and enjoy,
Podcasts (10)
  • Cadence
  • The Cut on Tuesdays
  • Every Little Thing
  • Fallacious Trump
  • Fresh Air
  • ID10T with Chris Hardwick
  • Note to Self
  • Real Time with Bill Maher
  • Reply All
  • WTF with Marc Maron

Health Favs

These podcasts dive deep into the cutting edge of health, and I listen to almost every single episode.
Podcasts (12)
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness
  • Bulletproof Radio
  • Collective Insights
  • FoundMyFitness
  • High Intensity Health
  • Mastering Nutrition
  • Nourish Balance Thrive
  • The Peter Attia Drive
  • Primal Blueprint
  • Revolution Health Radio
  • SelfHacked Radio
  • Smart Drug Smarts

Health Talk

I don’t listen to these podcasts as much as my favs, but I try to listen to all the topics that interest me.
Podcasts (9)
  • The Fat-Burning Man Show
  • Kyle Kingsbury Podcast
  • Move Your DNA
  • Paleo Magazine Radio
  • Psychology of Eating
  • ReWild Yourself
  • The Paleo Solution
  • Shrugged Collective
  • The Urban Monk

History / Storytelling

Most of these podcasts are very well produced, and I listen to almost every single episode.
Podcasts (20)
  • 30 for 30 Podcasts
  • Against the Rules
  • American History Tellers
  • BackStory
  • Believable
  • Broken Record
  • Dolly Parton’s America
  • Heavyweight
  • Mogul
  • More Perfect
  • Radiolab
  • Revisionist History
  • Rough Translation
  • Scattered
  • This American Life
  • This is California
  • The Thread
  • UnErased
  • We Came to Win
  • White Lies

Investigative Journalism

Most of these podcasts are also very well produced and I listen to almost every single episode.
Podcasts (10)
  • Bundyville
  • Climate 2020
  • Drilled
  • Embedded
  • How To!
  • Invisibilia
  • Outside Podcast
  • Reveal
  • The Tip Off
  • What Really Happened?

Performance Talk

These podcasts are generally interviews or talk radio, and I listen to certain episodes that interest me.
Podcasts (12)
  • Bruce Lee Podcast
  • Good Life Project
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The Knowledge Project
  • The Life Stylist
  • Making Sense
  • The School of Greatness
  • The Secret to Victory
  • Sport Psychology Today
  • Sports Mastery
  • The Tim Ferris Show
  • Without Fail

Science & Health Shorts

These podcasts range from 1 to 15 minutes in length, and I listen to almost every episode.
Podcasts (11)
  • 60-Second Science
  • BrainStuff
  • Everyday Einstein
  • Get-Fit Guy
  • The HBR Channel
  • The Indicator
  • Nutrition Diva
  • Savvy Psychologist
  • Short Wave
  • TED Talks Daily
  • Two Guys on Your Head

Science Favs

These podcasts cover various sciences, and I listen to almost every single episode.
Podcasts (13)
  • All In The Mind
  • Change Agent
  • Choiceology
  • Fallacious Trump
  • Freakonomics
  • The Happiness Lab
  • Hidden Brain
  • Inquiring Minds
  • Only Human
  • Origin Stories
  • Planet Money
  • Undiscovered
  • You Are Not So Smart

Science Talk

These are interview, panel, and compilation style podcasts, and I listen to most episodes.
Podcasts (7)
  • Science Talk
  • Solvable
  • StarTalk All-Stars
  • StarTalk Radio
  • The TED Interview
  • TED Radio Hour
  • Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Science Weekly

These podcasts cover the latest news in science, and I will listen if I have time or see a topic of interest.
Podcasts (4)
  • Nature Podcast
  • Science Friday
  • Science Weekly
  • The Weirdest Thing I Learned This Week

Sports Talk

Most of these are soccer podcasts, and I listen to these occasionally when I’m going to bed.
Podcasts (12)
  • Alexi Lalas’ State of the Union
  • The Bill Simmons Podcast
  • Caught Offside
  • Corner of The Galaxy
  • ExtraTime
  • Game of Our Lives
  • Golic and Wingo
  • Men In Blazers
  • Planet Futbol
  • Total Soccer Show
  • The UPSL Podcast
  • The USL Show

True Crime

These are my favorite true crime podcasts, and I listen to every single episode.
Podcasts (29)
  • 13 Alibis
  • Accused
  • Bad Batch
  • The Ballad of Billy Balls
  • Bear Brook
  • Broken
  • The Clearing
  • Cold
  • Conspiracyland
  • Conviction
  • Crime Beat
  • Crimetown
  • Culpable
  • Detective Trapp
  • The Dropout
  • In the Dark
  • Lateral Damage
  • Man in the Window
  • Monster
  • Murder in Oregon
  • Murderville
  • Over My Dead Body
  • Room 20
  • Root of Evil
  • Serial
  • The Shrink Next Door
  • The Sneak
  • The Thing About Pam
  • To Live and Die in LA

True Crime Bedtime

These podcasts are more monotonous, so they allow me to fall asleep, and I listen to most episodes.
Podcasts (8)
  • Casefile
  • Confronting: O.J. Simpson with Kim Goldman
  • Crime Junkie
  • Criminal
  • Gangster Capitalism
  • Insomniac
  • Sleuth
  • True Crime Garage

True Crime Drive

These podcasts are the ones my girlfriend and I have listened to together while driving.
Podcasts (8)
  • Broken Harts
  • Dr. Death
  • Happy Face
  • Hell and Gone
  • Hit Man
  • The Last Days of August
  • Missing & Murdered
  • Uncover


These are the podcasts I like for business, and I listen to episodes that interest me.
Podcasts (12)
  • The Business of Digital
  • Coywolf
  • HBR IdeaCast
  • Marketing Speak
  • Math & Magic
  • MozPod
  • Online Marketing Made Easy
  • The Science of Social Media
  • The Search Engine Journal Show
  • SEO 101
  • Voices of Search
  • WorkLife

Rejected Podcasts

These are the podcasts that I tried out, but didn’t care for due to various reasons.
  • Entertainment
    • The Ezra Klein Show
  •  Science
    • Note to Self
    • Stuff You Should Know
  • Sports
    • Ringer FC
  • True Crime
    • Generation Why
    • Once Upon a Crime
    • Sword and Scale
    • The Trail Went Cold
    • Up and Vanished

Podcast apps I use:

My favorite podcast app is Overcast. It features innovative innovative technologies like Smart Speed, which cuts out dead air and naturalizes speech.

This cutting and normalization is really magical when speeding up the audio. I’ve saved an extra 455 hours beyond speed adjustments so far with Smart Speed!

I began using Overcast in 2015 when Apple’s Podcasts app kept crashing, and then one day all of my podcasts disappeared. Ever since then, I’ve been paying the low price for an Overcast Premium account – it’s only $9.99 per year, which gives you the option to disable banner ads (which really aren’t that intrusive) and upload audio.

Being able to utilize Overcast’s features like Smart Speed on an audiobook is killer!

In addition to Overcast, I still keep Apple’s Podcasts app on hand for discovery and reading reviews.

I also use Castbox for its search feature. Its in-audio search is amazing for finding episodes that cover specific topics you’re looking for. 

Podcast in development:

My girlfriend and I are starting up a constructive media endeavor that combines our interests in storytelling and advocating for functional health practices.

We are currently in the process of developing a serialized podcast. Stay tuned!

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I’d rather interact directly about this kind of stuff. Got any questions or recommendations for me? Hit me up on the Twitter!

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