Happy BirthdayIt was just another day when I woke up this morning until Paula exclaimed, “happy birthday!”

It seems like she’s more excited about it than I am… 😛

Yeah, it’s just another day for me…

I normally take the day off of work for my birthday, but this is just my second week at my new company (more of that to come later…), so I thought I’d rough it out.

I usually take the day off, not because I think it’s special that it’s the anniversary of my birth, but because I don’t want the attention… it’s kind of embarrassing for me. Luckily, I don’t think anyone at work knows it’s my birthday today…

I never really thought my birthday was a big deal. Of course, when I was younger, I was always excited to get presents… but now, it’s just an excuse to drink… LOL 😛

I never had a surprise celebration or anything like that… The last cool birthday party I had, that I can remember, was back in fourth grade when 20 of my best friends came over to my house to celebrate and eat cake and then my dad took us all out to the theater to see Back to the Future II. It was a good time.

I think the event that led me to be unenthusiastic about my birthday was my 18th. Turning 18 is kind of a big deal, right?… The age where one legally becomes an adult!

Well, it was after school on a Friday and I went with a group of friends to watch our high school basketball game. It was also the opening night for Scream 2, which I wanted to see really, really bad… for some reason.

I told my girlfriend-at-the-time that I really wanted to just go out to the show after the game and see Scream 2, but she insisted that everybody was going to go chill and hang out at Larry‘s house (name changed to protect the identity of the innocent).

Now, Larry lived in a huge mansion on a lake and our crew went there occasionally to hang out. It was also the scene of numerous surprise parties, so I got the clue and agreed to go hang out with everybody. I was excited that my friends would do something like that for me…

So, we’re at Larry’s… and we’re all hanging out, shootin’ pool, playing ping-pong, air-hockey, cards, video games, etc… Meanwhile, I kept an eye out for the person that’s going to walk in with the birthday cake.

Never happened.

No one really even mentioned my birthday.

Thanks a lot, girlfriend-at-the-time. All I wanted to do was go see Scream 2!

I guess it may have been stupid of me to assume that my friends were throwing me a surprise birthday party when it was my 18th birthday and we were at the place where we always throw surprise parties for everyone else…

Oh well… I got over it.

My best friends already called me this morning to wish me a happy birthday, which was nice. Apparently, they were racing each other to see who would call me first… LOL.

I also got a couple nice birthday comments on MySpace

My dad also left a message and he sounded happy and proud… can’t beat that.

Tonight, Paula planned a little get together for me and our close friends out here in Cali at the the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney. I really didn’t want to do anything big, so this should be perfect.


Update: If you go to Google today, you will see that they put up a logo in honor of Edvard Munch, who shares the same birth date with me! Coincidently, the logo is a rendition of Munch’s famous painting, The Scream, which most likely inspired the mask the killer wears in the Scream movies! Weird!