Got Meat?

Turns out we do have enough freezer space for half of a hog and half of a steer. This is our auxiliary freezer in the garage. The freezer drawer of our kitchen refrigerator is also full!

Best Paleo Girlfriend Ever

This is how my girlfriend makes sure I don’t starve when she goes out of town. That’s bone broth on the right, salad in the back, and just a little 20lbs beef roast defrosting on the left.

Just In Time for the Turn of the Year

We were originally supposed to land at MIA at 5:45p. 2 airports, 2 airlines, and multiple delays later, we finally got in at 10:45p. We grabbed our bags, changed in the airport bathroom, hopped in a cab at 11:30p, and got to the party at 11:55p. Just. In. Time. Happy...

Partying Like It’s 1199

There’s a Medieval Times just 3 miles down the street from my home of about 8 years, but I had never been there until today. I’m pretty sure I had been to the one in Chicagoland for a junior high school outing, but I can’t remember anything about it....