Supplement Protocol

I am a big believer in harnessing the power of habits to optimize my lifestyle. Check out my protocols, routines, and rituals for nutritional supplementation.

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These are most of the supplements that I generally keep on hand. Check out the other sections below to see how I use them.


I like using BulkSupplements for my pure supplement needs because they provide high-quality cGMP products that generally rank at the top of their categories on Labdoor.


I like Bulletproof because their products are very well-researched, ethically sourced, and undergo rigorous testing for quality. Plus, they are environmentally conscious.


I like Onnit‘s supplement blends because they employ cutting-edge research to combine earth-grown nutrients and scientifically proven ingredients into highly effective products.


My “go to” supplement company is Thorne. I tend to get all of my initial supplements from them before diving into further research for products specifically for my needs. Thorne is the industry leader for quality control and hold the highest certifications. They do comprehensive testing, source the highest quality ingredients, operate a clean manufacturing process, and protect the environment.



Daily Regimen

I don’t take many supplements daily. I prefer to get my nutrients from food and utilize supplements as I feel is necessary.

I use Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil and Four Sigmatic 10 Mushroom Blend on a daily basis. Sometimes I will blend them together. Sometimes, I will emulsify the Brain Octane Oil with whole raw milk to drink with my fat-rich breakfast. I do this mainly to help keep myself in ketosis. As for the 10 Mushroom Blend, I make a big jug of it every week and drink the solution every day. I also use it as the base of my energy drink. Mushrooms are just awesome.

I eat sardines almost every day of the week, plus other seafood dinners. However, if one of my meals doesn’t include seafood and/or if my allopathic load is greater than usual due to added stresses, I’ll take half to a full dose of Legion Athletics Triton Fish Oil.

I also use brazil nuts as a daily supplement. I’ll eat just one or two for a dose of selenium and other beneficial nutrients.

I have been experimenting with Qualia Mind (Amazon) from Neurohacker Collective since it’s original formula. This supplement is loaded with nutrients. It has been referred to as the “God Pill” for chrissakes! You’re supposed to limit its usage to five days per week. I only take it when I feel like I need to. Of all the nootropics I’ve experimented with (just a handful), Qualia is the most effective for me, by far.

Sports Performance


The main reason I use supplements is for sports performance and recovery.

If I am going to do a glycolytic exercise in a fasted state, I’ll take 3g of Bulk Supplements HMB Powder 15 minutes prior to the session in order to mitigate muscle catabolization. If I continue to fast after the session, I’ll take 3g-6g of Muscle Feast Instantized BCAA Powder to continue mitigating muscle damage as well as promote muscle protein synthesis.

I use the following supplements in my soccer protocol:

For more information, check out my full Soccer Protocol.

Energy Boost

If I feel a need for a boost of energy, I’ll utilize one or more of the following supplements in various combinations, depending on the situation:

Of course, all of these supplements are included in my Soccer Protocol.

Anti-Oxidant Support

Immunity Boost

I don’t remember the last time I’ve gotten really sick, but if I feel any inkling of getting sick or if I know I’ll be around people who may be sick, I’ll utilize anything and everything in my arsenal.

I particularly like to load up on the mushroom supplements:

Depending on the severity, I’ll also pay added attention to the other supplements listed under Anti-Oxidant Support.


I don’t use all of these supplements and protocols every day. I use them as I feel they are needed.

I prefer to get my nutrients from the organic and natural side of the spectrum. For more information, check out my full Diet Protocol.

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