Obed, Kartik, Samp, and Delaney came out to visit me in the OC over the past week and we tore it up!

Wednesday, February 14

Samp’s flight came in to Orange County Airport right on time at 7:50p. The other three Boys got delayed on JetBlue and didn’t come in until 10:00p.

Our Valentine’s Day dinner plans thwarted, Samp and I tested out Alerto’s Mexican Food. It was surprisingly good, authentic Mexican grub.

Next, we went to my condo to drop off Samp’s gear, check out the digs, and chill with Paula and the dogs. After a quick stop at BJ’s for a Hef, Samp and I headed up to Long Beach Airport to pick up Obed, Kartik, and Delaney and we all headed back to BJ’s for a nightcap.

Thursday, February 15

Unfortunately, I had to cruise up to Beverly Hills to meet with a client, so the Boys headed down to Main Street in Huntington Beach for brunch. They chilled there and checked out the beach until I came back around 3:00p.

We hung out and had a few drinks at my place before we headed out to Kobe’s for some teppanyaki and sushi.

Friday, February 16

We got up and headed over to Knott’s Berry Farm right when it opened. Though I knew Samp was a big pussy before, I didn’t know how big… until he started crying when we tried to get him to go on some of the “big boy” rollercoasters.

However, he redeemed himself when he set the record for they day at the 3-point challenge.

Even though it’s literally about a mile away from my condo, it was my first time at Knott’s and I was pleasantly surprised with the thrill-level of some of their rides.

We ate lunch at the famous Mrs. Knott’s Restaurant, but I’m not sure it was worth the mysteriously long wait and the Burton-character-like people working there.

After Knott’s, we went back to my place to clean up and get ready for the evenings festivities. We started pre-drinking on the balconey and taste-tested a new and unreleased liquor product that Paula got from work.

That set us in the perfect mood for Hurricane’s where we got rocked, and who knows what happened…

Saturday, February 17

Waking up later, due to the previous night’s bender, we made our way to the beach. There, we played some volleyball, threw the football around, and a few brave souls jumped right into the cold Pacific.

After the beach, we headed back to the condo and began prepping for our feast. We got cleaned up and a few of the Boys went to the store to pick up the ingredients. In no time, everybody was hard at work.

The end result was a magnificent meal consisting of steak, mashed potatoes, asparagus, shrimp skewers, all cooked to perfection. Bread and pina colodas were served to top it off.

Sunday, February 18

We headed up the 5 to Universal Studios for the day. We hit up the City Walk where the Boys got their first taste of the world famous Tommy’s Burgers. Once we got inside the park, we went to work… I’ll try to remember what rides we went on: Terminator 2: 3D, Revenge of The Mummy, Backdraft, Jurassic Park, and the Studio Tour.

It was a beautiful day out until we got in line for the Studio Tour. Then all of a sudden, the temperature dropped like 20 degrees and it felt like it kept getting colder during the tour. Wearing shorts and t-shirts, we were all freezing after the tour, so we decided to call it a day and head back to the OC.

For dinner, we headed to my favorite restaurant, Sagan… which is right down the street by Knott’s.

Monday, February 19

I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to take Samp to the airport. By the time I got back, the rest of the Boys were up. We took our time and then headed down to Main Street again, stopping at In-N-Out on the way.

…And that was it!

Thanks to Obed, Kartik, Samp, and Delaney for flying out here. It was quite a happenin’ few days. We did a ton of stuff, but the time went by too fast… as always.

Can’t wait till next time!
—cK !