So, the doorbell rings and I get up to see who it is.

It’s a chick with a card hanging from a lanyard around her neck and some squirt bottles hanging from her little tool belt thingy. She’s obviously soliciting. Great.

Our door has a little fan shaped window thingy at the top, so she saw me walk to the door. Being polite, I opened it a crack so the dogs wouldn’t get out.

She says, “Hello.”

I say, “Hi.”

“Are you the king of the castle?”


“Are you the boss with all the sauce?”


LOL… I’ve never been asked that before. I’ve never even heard the phrase before. Ever.

Even Google has never heard it before!

Just thought that was new.

I didn’t take the time to find out what she was trying to sell me. I just told her:

“I gots all the sauce I needz.”