I was listening to Tom Leykis the other day on my drive home from work. There was a chick named Cecelia that called in because she hates the show. This chick was DUMB…

I tune into the show every once in awhile… it’s entertaining, but it’s the exact same drivel every week. However, whenever these dumbass chicks call into the show, I just can’t help but listen every time.

Leykis’ act is basically to teach men around the ages of 18-35 to get as much “tail” as possible. I respect his show for it’s entertainment value and I understand his act, but a lot of what he says is just common sense and the callers are just so retarded that they all think he is a genius.

I guess he is a genius if he’s making millions doing what he does.

Anyway, sometimes these chicks, who disagree with Tom, call in and try to get their point across, but simply end up sounding like idiots and Leykis runs rhetorical circles around them.

This Cecilia chick called in because she hates the show.

She made a statement about how the show sucked, but failed to answer why she thought the show sucked. She just kept avoiding questions and kept saying the show sucked. Then she mentioned that she listened to the show almost every day and just can’t believe how much it sucked and how much she hated it.

Yeah, exactly. Anyone in their right mind probably wouldn’t chose to do something that they hated… on a daily basis!

After more brainless dribble, we find out that Cecilia took the day off of work so that she could call in to the show and express her hatred for it.

This was just one of those things that I felt made me dumber just from listening to it. I wanted to reach into my car stereo, grab Cecilia’s hair, and start bashing her head on my steering wheel.

These type of chicks call in ALL THE TIME…

Death to idiots,

P.S. Holy cow. When I began writing this, I started out level-headed… but as I wrote and thought about what I was writing, it really got to me how stupid these chicks were. It almost put me at a loss for words, so I succumbed to my emotions and let my temper get the best of me. Anyway, I would never really pull someone’s head out of my radio and start bashing it. You can only do that in cartoons – and, unfortunately, I’m not a cartoon. I would never really wish death on anybody, either… not even idiots. They should just be shipped to an island somewhere that is far away from me.