Steven D. Levitt, one of the authors of Freakonomics, wrote a post last month wondering “Why is it that the Wisconsin Dells area is the water park capital of the world?

He writes:

I went to the Wisconsin Dells as a kid. It was the hokiest sort of tourist trap you could ever imagine. All those same places I went to as a kid (Fairytale Garden, the Wonder Spot, etc.) are still there, almost unchanged. In the ensuing 30 years, what has changed are water parks. Now, everywhere you look there are enormous water parks, one right next to the other.

According to Wikipedia, there are 18 indoor and 3 outdoor water parks in the Dells region. 21 total waterparks!!! I’d be willing to bet that there are actually a few more…

It’s an interesting question and there are a lot of interesting comments made in response to the post. I think my comment makes the most sense… check it out! 😛

Do you have any explanations for why the Wisconsin Dells has so many waterparks?