So Zoobs, one of my best friends from college, came out from St. Louis to visit me in the OC for a little business trip. He was out here from Friday morning to Monday afternoon. It was a good time.

The purpose of his trip was to get started on developing a website for his brick contracting business, A to Z Masonry. Now, I wouldn’t call myself a website developer or designer, but I have self-taught myself a few things and have a few simple sites under my belt. Zoobs didn’t need anything fancy and my expertise in marketing the site is the bread and butter of the whole operation, so we got to work.

The site is still under construction, but we plan to have it fully functional by mid-November. We actually got a lot done in the matter of three days in terms of developing the back-end, integrating various features, and adding content and pictures. The bulk of what is left is mostly a few tweaks here and there as well as adding and editing the content and pictures.

When we weren’t working, we were either eating or playing Wii. 😛 For breakfast, we either ate cereal or waffles. For lunch, I made myself and Zoobs my discostyle sandwiches or hot dogs. For dinner, we went out every night for some delicious dishes at Ruby’s Diner, Sagan Korean BBQ & Sushi, and ClaimJumper.

It was fun to have someone to play Wii with regularly. I’ve only had the system for about a week and Zoobs has never played before, so we were both essentially beginners. We went through all the games on Wii Sports and Wii Play. Our favorite was Golf on Wii Sports. I think I beat Zoobs every single time.

So all in all, it was great to have Zoobs in town. Now, I just have to get Paula to start playing Wii… 🙂