What the hell am I doing?

This morning, I left for work like usual. I drove out of my complex when I realized I forgot my cell phone. So, I turned around and went back to get it.

It sucked cuz the pups were so happy to see that I was back and I had to leave them again.

So, I’m on my way to work… again… listening to The Daily SearchCast, which I downloaded yesterday.

Half-an-hour later, the podcast is over and I pull up to the parking garage at work. I reach over for my clip that holds my key card, which I need to open the gate…

Now, my key card is attached to my ID card and laptop lock, which I clip onto my belt loop while I’m in the building. I need the key card to get in the parking garage, to press my floor in the elevator, and to get through certain doors on my floor. I need my ID card to identify myself to the security guards on my floor. When I get home from work, I take the clip off and attach it to my laptop bag so that everything is in one place and ready to go for the next day.

Today, when I reached over to grab my clip… it wasn’t there… and neither was my laptop bag. So, while I remembered to go back for my cell phone earlier, I didn’t even think about pretty much everything else. I essentially forgot to bring my office to work.

Luckily, I can work from home… so, I called in to tell my team what was going on… and headed all the way back home.

So, here I am… working at home… taking a little break to tell the story of how stupid I was this morning.