I was checking my email over a bowl of Cheerios this morning and clicked on a link that my boy, Kartik, sent over…

Going back to Cali:

Huskie football players can stop waiting and hoping, and plug Led Zeppelin’s “Going to California” into their Ipods.

For the second time in three years, NIU will head to California for a post-season bowl game, this time against Texas Christian in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl on Dec. 19.

Hell yeah! Our Huskies finished their regular season with two strong wins and squeaked into a bowl game! On top of that, it will be played in my backyard! (Actually, it will be about a 90 mile drive, but “backyard” just sounded cooler:P)

Incidentally, the game is going to be held at the home field of San Diego Charger’s star running backs LaDainian Tomlinson from TCU and Micheael Turner from NIU.

I just bought two tickets for the game for Paula and me. We will be on the Plaza level of Qualcomm Stadium in section 2, row 17, seats 6 and 7 – which apparently were the best seats left on the NIU side since around 40,000 tickets have already been sold!

If you are going to buy tickets, I suggest that you call the Bowl ticket office directly. I initially called the NIU ticket office, as directed in the NorthernStar, and the chick asked for my credit card without being able to tell me where I would be sitting or how much the tickets would cost. Our conversation continued like this:

Me: So… I don’t understand how I’ll be paying for the tickets if I don’t know how much they are.

Her: It will say on the ticket.

Me: So, I give you my credit card information without knowing where I’ll be sitting or how much the tickets are?

Her: Well, we could request a certain area for you.

Me: Who can I call directly for these tickets?

Her: We are the only ones you can get the tickets from.

Me: Uh… Okay, I’m gonna hang up and try something else. Thanks.

Her: Ok, th–

Me: [end call]

So, since I apparently couldn’t get the tickets anywhere else, I called the Bowl ticket office as directed in the Poinsettia Bowl website. It took no more than 2 minutes for the guy to tell me where the best available seats were in the Plaza and Club levels on the NIU (north) side, how much they would cost, put the order through, and repeat/confirm all of the information.

So call the Bowl ticket office directly for your seats – (619) 285-5039.

Go Huskies!