So our NIU Huskies lost again yesterday. I couldn’t find a TV or radio broadcast anywhere out here, so I had to follow the live play-by-play through ESPN‘s Gamecast. (I had to pay like $22 to watch the game on my TV last weekend.)

From the Gamecast alone, I could tell that the Huskies still couldn’t convert on their third-downs for the life of them. With that said, their defense was equally to blame as they gave up 509 total yards to the Ohio University offense.

As much as I love watching him run, I hope it doesn’t become “The Garrett Wolfe Show” because the Huskies won’t be winning any MAC championships if nobody else on the team contributes.

I guess it makes me feel a little better to know that #1 Ohio State rolled past #2 Texas, which sort of justifies their margin of victory against our Huskies last week…

This montage of Wolfe’s clinic against Ohio State’s defense also makes me smile:


His spin move was SICK!!! I also enjoyed watching him barrel through the three Ohio State defensemen for the touchdown…

Garrett Wolfe for Heisman!


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