Weekends rock. No matter what I do on the weekends, I enjoy it more than if I was doing it on a weekday.

I would hate to have a work schedule that included the weekends. That would just screw everything up. If my days off were during the week, I don’t think they would feel as great as they do during the weekend. I don’t know what it is, but Saturday and Sunday are just different. You just shouldn’t have to work on those days.

Just the fact that it is the weekend makes everything better. Even if I was moving, or doing chores, or doing something else crappy… it’s just that much better because it is the weekend. Even if I did have to do some work for some reason, it’s just doesn’t feel the same as work during the week… it’s that much better.

I could lay around and just watch TV all day long. I could be watching the stupidest show because it is the best thing on at 1 in the afternoon on Sunday, but it would be great because it’s the weekend…

If I called in sick or took a day off during the week and did the same thing, it just wouldn’t be the same. I would feel bad for not being productive. I’d feel bad for not getting stuff done like I should be if I was at work. Even if I was really truly sick, I would still feel bad just resting during a weekday.

Even partying… I think partying on the weekends is that much better than partying during the week.

I feel like the weekdays are when I have to be resposible… on the weekends, there are no rules…