As I’m sitting here watching the Michigan vs Ohio game, I can’t help to think about Garrett Wolfe’s stellar performances against both teams.

I must admit that I felt let down by the Huskies over the last few weeks. The loss against Toledo was especially heartbreaking…

I stopped following Wolfe and the Huskies… I didn’t even realize that they played yesterday…

That is, until I saw Wolfe run in three touchdowns on SportCenter’s top 10!

Wolfe ended up rushing for 203 yards and 3 touchdowns!

Even better, our Northern Illinois Huskies upset the Central Michigan Chippewas for their first conference loss!

Apparently, Wolfe has been having hamstring and shoulder problems which limited him to run for only 190 yards in his previous four games. Despite the setback, Wolfe still leads the nation in rushing!

Wolfe performance yesterday puts him at 4,972 yards for his career, which elevates him past Michael Turner’s 4,941 (2001-2003) for the all-time rushing record at NIU. Not a bad way for Wolfe to go out in his last game at Huskies Stadium.

The Huskie win also gives them six wins for the season, which makes them bowl eligible. Let’s hope that they show their stuff again next week so that they are awarded a bid!