I’ve already expressed my thoughts about Garrett Wolfe’s performance in the Huskies first two games:

Northern Illinois Huskies vs Ohio State Buckeyes

Northern Illinois Huskies vs Ohio University Bobcats

His last performance against the University of Buffalo Bulls sounded nothing short of Heisman worthy as I listened to the game through the live stream on 670thescore.com.

From ESPN.com:

With Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn all but falling out of the Heisman Trophy race after the Fighting Irish’s embarrassing 47-21 loss to Michigan on Saturday, college football’s premier individual award is up for grabs. Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith and tailbacks Steve Slaton of West Virginia and Adrian Peterson of Oklahoma have to be considered the front-runners at this point, but what about Garrett Wolfe of Northern Illinois?

Wolfe ran 24 times for 263 yards in Saturday’s 31-13 win over Buffalo (the eighth 200-yard effort of his career) and leads the nation in rushing with 210 yards per game. Wolfe is averaging 38.3 yards more than Peterson and his rushing average is higher than that of 103 of 118 Division I-A teams, including top 10 teams Ohio State, USC, Auburn, Georgia and Michigan.

At his current pace, Wolfe would finish the season with more than 2,500 rushing yards. Barry Sanders ran for 2,628 yards at Oklahoma State and won the Heisman Trophy in 1988.

2,500 rushing yards!!!

From the NorthernStar:

Garrett Wolfe is the best running back in the nation, and anyone who says different needs a psychiatrist.

And the best thing about Wolfe is he’s the poster boy for everything the NCAA would want in a Heisman candidate. Notice this does not say Heisman trophy winner… yet.

He’s electrifying on the field and people across the nation want to see more of the 5-foot-7 running back who slices and dices opposing defenses.

Wolfe is the star player who puts his team first and doesn’t showboat, but gets his job done.

He’s the street kid from the inner city that struggled and fought to become the unstoppable machine you see rush for nearly 200 yards a game, week in and week out.

You want to say he wouldn’t put up the same numbers if he played in a BCS conference? Go right ahead.

He only rushed for 148 yards and a touchdown on 17 carries against Michigan.

He only rushed for 245 yards and three touchdowns against Northwestern.

He only rushed for 171 yards and caught five passes for 114 yards and a touchdown against Ohio State, the No. 1 team in the nation.

In three games this year, Wolfe leads the nation with 630 yards. That’s a 210 yards-per-game average, and almost 39 yards more per game than second place Adrian Peterson from Oklahoma.

210 yards-per-game!!! 39 more yards-per-game than one of the leading Heisman candidates!!!

I expecially like this post by John Rohde at ScrippsNews.com which delves further into the comparison between Wolfe and the aforementioned Heisman candidate:

…Peterson is going to have to earn the Heisman from scratch. And the Sooners’ 6-2, 218-pound Adonis could be pressed to outdo a 5-foot-7, 177-pound powder keg from DeKalb, Ill.

It’s early, but Peterson already has some catching up to do. In his season opener at home against Alabama-Birmingham, Peterson amassed 208 total yards _ 139 rushing; 69 receiving.

Northern Illinois senior running back Garrett Wolfe had 285 total yards _ 171 rushing, 114 receiving _ in The Horseshoe against the No. 1-ranked team in the country.

If Wolfe runs wild the next seven games and then victimizes another Big Ten opponent, he’ll be impossible to ignore for the Heisman.

“Our guys have about one chance in hell of getting that award because we’re in the Mid-American Conference _ right, wrong or indifferent,” NIU coach Joe Novak said.

So far, however, Wolfe has one hell of a chance.

Mr. Wolfe, at all of 5’7″ and 177 lbs, is making a huge impact in college football nation. Just watch how he runs through some of the nation’s top defensemen:


Just watch as he body slams this considerably larger Ohio U player while holding onto the football…


Garrett Wolfe for Heisman!!!

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