So… since NIU has no clue about Internet Marketing (easily evidenced by trying to visit and I’m an Internet Marketing Hotshot, I decided to do what I could (in as little time possible) to use my skills and take advantage of the internet’s reach to campaign for Garrett Wolfe and his brilliant, Heisman-worthy performance, thus far, this season.

I have added a “Garrett Wolfe” button in my top navigation bar as well as a tiny, button sized version of the “Garrett Wolfe for Heisman” banner I created a couple of days ago in the right navigation bar. If you click on either, you will be directed to the new Garrett Wolfe for Heisman Microsite that I threw together last night.

I still need to add and tweak a few things, but it’s currently functional and it’s ready to be seen!

Garrett Wolfe for Heisman Microsite

The home page of the microsite begins with a little intro and then lists all of my blog posts about Wolfe and the Huskies.

There is also a Wolfe News page where I list out my favorite articles that feature Wolfe.

I also included a Wolfe Videos page which displays a few video clips and montages of Wolfe that others have created.

The Wolfe Stats page lists out a bunch of Wolfe’s current numbers.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Wolfe Pack page which is basically a fan page in support of Garrett Wolfe and his Heisman-worthy performance. Anyone may add a message and help push the campaign for Garrett Wolfe for Heisman!!!


Show your support for Garrett Wolfe in the Wolfe Pack!