So, I was home in the OC for a short two weeks after the July 2007 Chicago Extravaganza before I flew right back to Chicago for six more weeks of pure extravaganzing.

I’ve been back home in the OC for three weeks now and I finally feel like I’m settled in and back in the groove. It definitely took awhile to adjust back to “normal” life.

There’s no way that I’m going to do a day-to-day recap like I did for the July Extravaganza. So, I’ll just try to highlight a few things, superlative-style…

Best Bar Night: Enclave

There were a lot of great bar nights, but I think this one takes the cake, for me. Actually, this was a great party weekend, with The Apartment on Friday, random bocce and Enclave on Saturday, and Ash’s wedding on Sunday (8/26).

I liked this night a lot because we went to a club and danced our pants off, which I was really looking forward to do during this trip. It also didn’t hurt that Ali and I were partying with a dozen or so smokin’ hot chicks… a few of whom I have become good friends with. The fact that Geff, Chad, and Chrissi ended up joining us was icing on the cake.

That night, I ended up driving (when I definitely shouldn’t have) like two blocks to take Chad home at 5 in the morning… then I slept in the car.

Second Best Bar Night: Cubby Bear

It was Davey’s birthday and this night ended up being a huge drunkfest filled with a lot of bad decisions. Fortunately, good memories and stories were made, rather than arrests and fines. 😛 In addition to the birthday and SAE crew, Shelley and my little brother made it out as well as Resi, a good friend that I haven’t seen since we graduated from NIU about 4 years ago. Oh yeah, Action Figure Chuck Norris made an appearance, as well.

I randomly spent a lot of money on this night. We’re talkin rent money here. Randomly. Most likely because Resi doesn’t drink… anything but shots! As the night went on, we were taking shots two at a time… and then I was buying shots for everybody… two at a time.

Therefore, the probability of me buying the shot that would make Davey puke was very high. It was a Jagerbomb and he puked all over the dance floor. 🙂

Oh, this is also the night we ended up at some random apartment with a bunch of chicks who promised us pizza and then kicked us out because Ali was talking shit to them… probably about not getting his free pizza fast enough.

Worst decision of the night, though, was made by me. Fortunately, nothing bad came out of it, but don’t drink and drive!

Third Best Bar Night: Moe’s

After a full day of drinking at tailgating and during the NIU vs Iowa game, we ended up at a favorite spot of ours – Moe’s Cantina. It was a smaller group because some of the others couldn’t hack it through the night after drinking all day, but it was a great time, nonetheless! Geff and Cleary and a few girls were the first one’s there after they beat up a beligerent Iowa fan in the parking lot of Soldier Field. I showed up after a quick shower. Then, Chad, Pam, Chrissie, and Lauren arrived soon after.

We took control of a section at the front of the bar and made a few friends. Ali ended up making an appearance later during the night, as well. Dancing, gang-signs, non-intelligent conversations, and drunkenness was had.

In our quest for food after closing down Moe’s, Chad, Ali, and I lost Geff and Cleary. We ended up running into this belligerent dude, who made fun of Chad’s watch. Bad idea for him… because the three of us had been working on our beer muscles all night and didn’t need much enticing to kick some ass. Fortunately, for the dude, he got away unscathed… except for his white shoes, which Chad stomped all over…

Best Idea That Never Came Into Fruition: Kites

On the day of Ash’s wedding (which was on a Sunday after partying with the younger DeeGee crew at the Apartment on Friday and clubbing with the Nordstrom crew at Enclave on Saturday), Ali and I were beat, but it was a beautiful day, so we took a walk around the block to wake ourselves up and get ourselves going. Along the way, we spotted something floating above us. It was a clear plastic bag, like the type you put fruit and veggies in at the grocery store. The bag just kept dancing and floating higher and higher. We couldn’t take our eyes off of it… it was kind of like that “most beautiful thing” scene in American Beauty.

Anyway, it was then that I thought we should buy kites. Ali threw in the idea of buying a bunch of kites and flying them at Ash’s wedding (not during the wedding… there was a long break between the ceremony and the reception). Unfortunately, we were pressed for time, so we couldn’t shop before the ceremony… so, we recruited Reiner and Alli after the ceremony to join us on a little field trip. We had a great session in Ali’s Jetta, but unfortunately the Meijer that was down the street sold everything you could think of… except for kites.

Best Meal: Flat Top Grill

I had a lot of great meals, including dinner at Tango Sur with the fam to celebrate my mom’s birthday and delicious late night smorgasboards we cooked up at Ali’s… but Flat Top Grill was ridiculously amazing. I think it could be one of my top five restaurants of all time.

Best Random Night: Friends From High School And A German Exchange Student

So, I get a call from Sam (an old friend from high school who I mentioned meeting up with in July), and she informs me that Andreas (a German exchange student in high school, who we were friends with) is in town with his girlfriend! Not only that, Rachel (a good friend of both of us from high school) was in town with her fiance! So, we all ended up meeting at Lou Malnati’s (the best pizza EVAR – which I have delivered out to the OC from Chicago) for dinner and then hit up an Irish bar for some drinks and live music.

Memorable quotes:

  • “Finish it.” -Me… long story.
  • “You’re not just a tool… you’re a Sabrr Tool!” -Ali to Reiner during the Jetta session, in response to Reiner’s dating strategies.
  • “I’ll buy you a burrito if you drive me home.” -Chad-o to me… at 5 o’clock in the morning of Enclave night.
  • “How’s it feel Mr. [Bride’s last name]?” -Whoever to whichever guy just got married.
  • “Where’s the fucking waitress? Hey! I need 18 fucking Jagerbombs, you fucking bitch! What the fuck is taking so fucking long?!” -Ali to every waitress we encountered.
  • “I apologize. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Please don’t throw me out… I will walk out on my own.” -Ali to every bouncer we encountered.

A few buzzwords that caused, or are likely to cause, some conversation:

  • Secret stash
  • Isosceles
  • Zorbees
  • Tang
  • Ginger balls

Most Unexpected Random Night: My Going Away Party

On my last night in town, Ali invited over a bunch of friends to his place and we just drank and chilled throughout the night. I was surprised to see so many people see me off, old friends and new. It was the perfect end to a great visit.

Can’t wait till next year!