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Leisure Suit LarryHave you ever known, met, or seen a cool-looking Larry?

I really don’t know many Larrys…

I knew of a Larry in high school and he was weird looking…

I just saw a guy named Larry on Wheel of Fortune and no one would ever ask him if he is a model…

Larry Bird is definitely not a looker…

Even Leisure Suit Larry… they couldn’t even draw a good looking cartoon Larry!

I’m not saying that Larrys aren’t cool people – Wheel of Fortune Larry seemed pretty cool. I just don’t think there are any cool-lookin’ Larrys out there.

Not convinced?

Try a Google Image Search for Larry and check out the results. Seriously.

If I really was an ass, I’d provide some commentary on some of those Larrys I see in the results, but I’ll just leave it up to you to see for yourself.

Please feel free refute my observation.

The More You Know,