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So, two extended party weekends in a row has taken quite a toll on me.

The weekend before last, I was up in Big Bear partying it up for Oktoberfest…

This past weekend, I flew back to Illinois to meet up with my good friends and celebrate NIU’s 100th Homecoming Anniversary. It was a crazy-fun weekend, to say the least.

I took a lot of pictures and others in my group are sending me pics they took, so I’ll inevitably be posting pics and writing a recap in the near future.

I flew back on Monday morning and went straight into a meeting at work. Things are still pretty busy and I’ve been working my ass off. I’ve been so tired and my brain is so fried that I haven’t taken out my laptop at home this entire week…

I think it’s a combination of the traveling/partying and work… Unfortunately, I haven’t had the drive to work on any of my own stuff, which is what I have the most fun doing. I’ve actually been getting 8 or 9 hours of sleep… and I’m still tired. My system must be all out of whack.

Anyway, I think I’ve dedicated this week to recuperate, but I’ll be ready and rearing to go, come next week…

Until later,