So, I was in Big Bear throwing back steins full of beer while my NIU Huskies were playing on Saturday…

Later, when our crew returned to our cabin to party the rest of the night, one of the guys told me that Garrett Wolfe was just mentioned on Sportscenter.

So, I was like, “What did I tell, ya? This kid is for real, eh? Lemme guess… 300 rushing and 2 TDs?”

“Not even close…”

“What? 350 yards?”


“No way… over 400?”



“He had 18 carries…”

“Okay… so… around 250 yards, then?”

“Close… just take off the zero…”


“Yeah, dude, your boy carried it only 18 times for 25 yards.”

“Holy crap…”

It didn’t make much sense to me while I was in my drunken state… it still doesn’t make complete sense to me – and no, I’m not still drunk.

Nevertheless, I still don’t doubt Wolfe’s abilities. Just because of one underperforming game, I’m not gonna cower up in the corner and hide my tail between my legs. Wolfe is freakin’ amazing and I’m sure he’ll show what he’s made of in the next game – which I will be at!

“Oh yeah, Peterson broke his collarbone.”


Just wasn’t a good day for running backs, eh?

Of course, I still think Wolfe deserves the Heisman… and I’ll write more later why I think so.


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