Last night, Paula dragged me out to the House of Blues in Downtown Disney to see Rusted Root in concert… and I’m glad she did because it was a great show!

Rusted Root at the House of Blues - Anaheim

The only songs that I knew were the ones that everybody knows – “Send Me On My Way” and “Ecstasy” – but they put on a performance that was very difficult to dislike.

The opening band was Zox and I really liked them, too. I’ve never heard of them before and didn’t know any of their songs, but they were super-fun to watch. They really played for the audience and they featured a bad-ass violinist, who tore up the stage.

The demographic of the audience was really diverse. There were the typical OC peeps who listen to mainstream music and knew only the songs that I knew… there were the hippie-types who wore skirts and beads and flailed around the whole time… there were the “mobile-home” dwellers that sported mullets… there were the middle-aged, frizzy-haired women who were way too big to be moving the way they were in public… and, of course, there was the girl who kept blatently bumping into me and touching me whenever she could until I elbowed her in the boob…

As much as I’m into music, I’m not really a huge concertgoer, but I like small venues like the House of Blues. All in all, it made for a great night!