The world has been swept up in Linsanity, and I can’t get enough of it! I hadn’t even heard of Jeremy Lin until last week when there was news that this overlooked underdog would be starting his first game. Now, I’ve probably read at least 50 articles and watched just as many highlights and news clips of Lin on Sportscenter and YouTube. I’ve even watched a full New York Knicks game or two, and I never watch teams aside from the Chicago Bulls unless it’s a good playoff matchup.

After everything I have seen, read, and heard so far… and then repeated, I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon the excellent writings of Adrian Wojnarowski,  the NBA columnist for Yahoo! Sports. I don’t know that I’ve read any of his stuff before, but he is certainly on my radar now. I think his write-ups of Jeremy Lin are awesome and read like a book! If you’re caught up in all the #Linsanity, or want to catch up on it all, I highly suggest these articles:

Jeremy Lin: NBA’s new star waited for opportunity

Two years ago, he was the Harvard kid wandering around the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament hotel chatting up GMs, wondering if he’d ever get a chance in the NBA, and suddenly it’s happened without a moment’s notice. Sports are funny that way, and so is life.


Jeremy Lin: Even Kobe bows to his star power

Somehow, the most improbable story in NBA history found himself in the most improbable place on Friday night: The ball in his hands, Madison Square Garden on its feet, and the fourth quarter genius of Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant determined to obliterate this burgeoning mythology. Out of Bryant, had come a barrage: twisted, contorted fades, a self-pass off the backboard, the A-list arsenal out of the world’s most gifted scorer.


Jeremy Lin makes Knicks witnesses to history

Everyone stood together in the Air Canada Centre, watching the New York Knicks’ Jeremy Lin dribble out the clock. Twenty seconds, and the coach didn’t dare call a timeout to design a fancy play on his board. The kid’s the play now. As the biggest story in sports bounced the ball, he swiveled his head to ask: Hey, can I run an isolation for myself? Mike D’Antoni nodded, but Lin no longer needed permission. Just go, Jeremy. Just go, kid.