Entourage is my favorite TV show that is currently running. It’s so damn good! How can you not wish you were one of those guys? Even Turtle!

Tonight’s episode – “The Release” – was the best one, so far, this season. So many things happened… Drama got a pilot, Ari took on Babs as a partner for his new super-agency, and Vinnie publicly slammed the studio that wants to pussify Queens Boulevard…

I only have two complaints:

  1. The episodes are way too short!
  2. A week between episodes is way too long!

“Queens Boulevard is a masterpiece… and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it or to sell you. I’m saying it because I really, truly believe it. Unfortunately, you’ll never see the film I’m talking about… because these people up here, these execs, ripped out its soul. Because, like all studios in this town, they don’t give a shit about art. They only care about one thing… money.”

—Vincent Chase

Next week, the boys take on Vegas…

Do it,