Last night I watched the Angels trounce the Indians from a party suite at Angel’s Stadium thanks to the fine folks at Ask (formerly Ask Jeeves). I barely watched the game… and when I did, I watched it on the TV outside our suite…

Outside Angels Party Suite #77

I spent most of the time chatting with fellow industry members from other area companies. We talked some business, but mostly play… Our rep at Ask was talking about how she is having a Bocce court installed in her backyard. How cool is that?

She was surprised to find out that I loved to play Bocce Ball. My buddies and I played a lot in college, with beer in hand. I guess these west-coasters are not into yard games like we were in the midwest.

All in all, it was a great time. The suite was pretty cool. I love Angels Stadium to begin with, but have never been in a suite there. There was great food, the beer was flowing, and the view wasn’t bad at all…

View from the seats right outside our suite

What more could one ask for? Well, I could think of some things… but you know what I mean. 🙂