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Archive for November, 2006


Is That a Guitar in Your Pants? Or…

If you’re gonna be stealing something via concealment in your trousers, a guitar is probably not the way to go…


The NIU Huskies Are Coming to SoCal!

I was checking my email over a bowl of Cheerios this morning and clicked on a link that my boy, Kartik, sent over…


Note to Self: Driving on Thanksgiving…

So, Paula and I both took off from work early on Wendesday to get a head start on our 380 mile drive from Orange County, CA to Scottsdale, AZ for Thanksgiving weekend. We’ve been going to Scottsdale for Thanksgiving ever since we’ve lived in California to spend time with Paula’s mom, who flies in from Chicago, and her side of the family.


Christopher “CK” Chung on LinkedIn

LinkedInHey peeps, I’ve been on LinkedIn for awhile, but never really used it. So, I’m finally getting around to updating it and making connections…


Garrett Wolfe is Back!

As I’m sitting here watching the Michigan vs Ohio game, I can’t help to think about Garrett Wolfe’s stellar performances against both teams.


I Don’t Wanna Say That Joe Novak Blew It

But he did!